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Melinda Caroll

Melinda Caroll has been a professional singer/songwriter since she was eighteen. She has been collecting, producing, arranging recording and performing songs for over 30 years. Her music production company, Legend Productions is the primary producer of CD’s and publishing for songbooks that are distributed worldwide for Girl Scouts of the USA since 1997.

Composer, producer, performer, recording artist, dancer, business woman, a lifetime Member of Girl Scouts and mom. Melinda Caroll has been the inspirational creative force behind music for Girl Scouts since 1989. During that time she has received multiple honors for her Girl Scouts-inspired music, including Woman of Distinction, The Thanks Badge, National Song Leader for Girl Scouts of the USA and induction into the Girl Scout Council of Hawaii Alumnae Hall of Fame. She has performed live before hundreds of thousands of Girl Scouts and played for distinguished guests including members of the United States Congress, Sec. of State, Colin Powell and members of the President's cabinet. She has sung alongside many famous musicians and with Girl Scout Choirs all across the country and around the world.

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David Kauahikaua

David is a producer/arranger/keyboard player who has been involved in the recording industry in Hawaii since the early 80's. One of the first in Hawaiʻi to use computers to enhance music production, David has always been on the cutting edge of technology.

Born of German-Hawaiian ancestry, David was brought up in a musical family and continued on with his musical education at the Kamehameha Schools. A member of the Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, and Concert Glee Club, David traveled the world as part of the HVB Promotion Team.

Upon graduating from High School, David attended UH Manoa and started working as a professional musician in Waikiki. He has never looked back and has performed with most of Hawaii's elite entertainers

Winner of the first ʻOutstanding Arrangerʻ award in The First Hawaiian Music Festival. David has produced and been involved with many award winning records and CDʻs for artist such as Loyal Garner, Don Ho, Frank De Lima, Melinda Caroll, Roslyn, Johnson Enos, Glenn Medeiros and many others.

In 1998, David was the recipient of the Frank P. Kernohan Award. Award recipients are "Kamehameha graduates who have contributed to the perpetuation and advancement of Hawaiian music and/or have been an integral part of the Hawaiian entertainment industry". In 2008 he composed the score to a documentary on pidgin english presented at the 2009 Hawaii International Film festival.

Today David splits his time between composing music, marketing music, producing music, and performing with comedian Frank De Lima.
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